And Yet It Is Heard: Musical, Multilingual and Multicultural by Tito M. Tonietti

By Tito M. Tonietti

We carry into complete mild a few excerpts on musical topics that have been beforehand scattered through the most renowned medical texts. the most medical and musical cultures open air of Europe also are considered. the 1st and most vital estate to underline within the medical texts tested here's the language they're written in. which means our multicultural historical past of the sciences unavoidably additionally turns into a assessment of many of the dominant languages utilized in the various historic contexts. during this quantity, the historical past of the advance of the sciences is instructed because it occurred in actual contexts, no longer in an alienated excellent world.

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62 Luckily for us, the sciences and the arts of demonstration are more varied, as we shall soon see more clearly. Book 1 of the Elements converged towards the proof of the theorem of Pythagoras. We may consider that all 13 books merged together in calculating the angles of regular polyhedra inscribed in a sphere. ” : : : “I say next that no other figure, besides the said five figures, can be constructed which 56 Euclid 1916. Seidenberg 1960, p. 498. 58 Seidenberg 1975. 59 Fowler 1987, p. 21. 60 Russo 1996, p.

178. Fowler 1987, pp. 3–7. 15 22 2 Above All with the Greek Alphabet both on the domestic front and abroad. Above all, he criticised poets, who, with their fables about the realm of the dead “do not help future warriors”; the latter risk becoming “emotionally sensitive and feeble”. 18 Plato preferred other means to educate soldiers. Music could be useful, provided that languid, limp harmonies like the Lydian mode were eliminated, and the Dorian and Phrygian modes were used, instead. “: : : this will appropriately imitate the words and tones of those who demonstrate courage in war or in any act of violence : : : of those who attend to a pacific, non-violent, but spontaneous action, or intends to persuade or to make a request : : :”.

In one period, these solids were considered important because, with their perfection, they expresses the harmony of the cosmos. 15 For some, the field of reasoning was to be limited to Euclidean geometry, because the rest would not be germane to the desired solution. Subsequently, however, Euclid’s incomplete argument was concluded by the arrival of algebra and group theory. 16 In the Meno, Plato described Socrates teaching a boy-slave. He led him to recognize, by himself, that twice the area of the square constructed on a given line is obtained by constructing a new square on the diagonal of the first one.

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