An Economic Analysis of Conflicts: With an Application to by Nicos Christodoulakis

By Nicos Christodoulakis

This ebook presents a quantitative framework for the research of clash dynamics and for estimating the commercial bills linked to civil wars. the writer develops converted Lotka-Volterra equations to version clash dynamics, to yield life like representations of conflict tactics, and to permit us to evaluate lengthy clash traps. the industrial bills of civil wars are evaluated with the aid of replacement tools: to start with, the writer employs a creation functionality to figure out how the destruction of human and actual capital shares undermines fiscal development within the medium time period. Secondly, he develops a man-made keep an eye on strategy, the place the price is acquired because the divergence of tangible monetary job from a hypothetical direction within the absence of civil warfare. the variation among the 2 methods supplies a sign of the antagonistic externalities impinging upon the economic system within the kind of institutional destruction. through the use of special time-series concerning conflict casualties, neighborhood socio-economic signs, and capital inventory destruction in the course of the Greek Civil struggle (1946-1949), a full-scale program of the above framework is gifted and discussed.

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5. 12) is translated into the condition: V1 w1 >μ V2 w2 ð3:14bÞ This can be interpreted as a requirement that the relative reward of a successful insurgency should surpass the current income inferiority by at least the fighting viability factor (μ). 14a) can be taken as a measure of income inequality between government personnel and the guerrillas. Alternatively, it may be interpreted as an indication of the class division that characterizes the particular economy. The higher it is, the stronger the motivation an excluded individual has to join the guerrilla army.

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