Amnesty International. The Human Rights Story by J. Power (Auth.)

By J. Power (Auth.)

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They immediately gave a high dose of electricity. My whole body and head shook in a terrible way. My front teeth started breaking. When they finished with electric shocks, they lifted me up to my feet and several of those I mentioned above started beating me with truncheons. After a while I felt di^y and could not see very well. Then I fainted. When I came to myself, I found out I was lying half-naked in a pool of dirty water. They tried to force me to stand up and run. At the same time they kept beating me with truncheons, kicking me, and pushing me against the walls.

Arms sales are increasing at 12 percent a year, far above the rate of economic g r o w t h of even the fastest-growing developing countries. Africa is increasing its purchases at 20 percent a year. W h o is to blame? T h e Third World countries themselves have a lot to answer for. It is they w h o too often invite outside powers to help them settle their disputes. It is they w h o have grandiose ideas of what being a modern state implies. Libya, t h r o u g h whose territory Rommel and Montgomery fought their great desert campaigns in World War II, has today twice as many tanks as those t w o generals had together.

I was interviewing the head of press information of the army, Major Dominguez. In an aside he told me he knew that a distinguished Social Democratic politician had been bumped off by a rival. I asked him h o w he knew. " Y o u see, I used to be military intelligence. But d o n ' t tell anyone or the guerrillas will kill m e . " Surprised, he nodded. " Y e s , but remember, don't tell anyone what I've told y o u . " My loyalty to secrecy in such a situation is, I regret, thin. T h e only task remaining was to confirm the Amnesty investigators' conviction that the intelligence operation actually did the killings.

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