American History Stories, Volume II by Mara L. Pratt

By Mara L. Pratt

Stories of innovative occasions, together with the factors of the yank Revolution, the bold exploits of these protecting liberty, the early battles, the struggles of the military, and the heroes who led the colonists to victory. appropriate for a while eight and up.

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And this money is raised by taxation,—that is, every property holder pays in a certain amount of money to help pay the expenses of the town or city. The tax-payers are willing to do this, because they know it will all go to pay the salaries of these officers, to build roads, lay out public parks, support the schools,—all those things that go to help make our cities and towns pleasant and comfortable. This sort of tax paying is perfectly just; because each town in this way gets its share of the good things which its tax money has bought.

A lively meeting was held in Faneuil Hall, and afterwards in the Old South Church; and the people all declared that the tea should never be allowed to be brought ashore. At evening the vessel was seen slowly nearing the wharf. Everything was quiet, and you would never have imagined what was going to happen. Slowly the ship comes in, nearer and nearer the little wharf. Now, with a heavy swash of water and a boom, she touches; out jump her sailors to fasten her ropes. But hark! what noise is that?

Perhaps their skates weren't quite so elegant as those the Boston boys have now, and very likely their sleds were clumsy, homemade affairs, not at all like the beautiful double-runners and the toboggans you boys are so proud of; nevertheless those little lads then had just as jolly times, coasting down the same hills and skating the same ponds. The English had, by this time, become so convinced that the colonists were preparing for war, that they sent over a large detachment of red-coated soldiers.

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