Alsos by Samuel Abraham Goudsmit; David C Cassidy

By Samuel Abraham Goudsmit; David C Cassidy

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We never did find out wine we sent over. We hoped that the recipients had used it the way nature intended wine to be used, and had not wasted it on test tubes and retorts. There was one other occurrence that helped clarify the problem of freedom for the Alsos Mission. It had been hard to convince our military what happened to the Intelligence colleagues that searching for scientists was not the same criminals. as searching for spies or A list of "suspects" had been furnished In military jargon they were called "targets" and our job, in the normal police procedure, would have been to investigate each one indi- us.

In any event, I have tried to make error, of consultation of many — xxxvii FOREWORD it all as simple as possible, endeavoring not so much to explain the intricacies of the problem which would take an extended essay, as to identify its principal phases. In his Pulitzer Prize winning book, "Scientists Against Time," James P. " It respect, an ideal outfit, thanks ation of the scientists was indeed, in this to the superior leadership of We had Colonel Boris T. Pash. excellent backing in Washington.

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