Almost Eden by Dorothy Garlock

By Dorothy Garlock

From the instant Baptiste Lightbody discovered attractive Maggie within the Missouri Territory, he knew they have been elements of an identical spirit. refrained from by way of a global that known as him a half-breed, and her a witch, they courageous the wasteland to discover a paradise in their personal. yet Lightfoot and Maggie quickly face a attempt which could holiday their hearts, or unite them endlessly.

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There may come a time when we will be set upon. ” Each evening during the following weeks Maggie practiced with the whip and the knife. Crack after crack sounded through the still forest air as she gradually learned how to control the long, writhing snake of rawhide, until she could use the tip with enough precision to snap off twigs and weeds and blossoms. “It is an extra weapon, chérie,” Light explained. 22 ALMOST EDEN Light taught her to use the bow and arrow, but she did not have the strength to send the arrow with force for any distance and his flintlock was too heavy for her to lift, let alone control.

It winked at her solemnly. She laughed again— silently. “A grass lizard passed here a while ago. Did ya see it? ” The golden eagle tilted its head and glared down at her. “Don’t ya pluck up that rabbit over there under the brush. Hear me now? ” The eagle squawked, ruffled its feathers again, then sat stone still, its yellow-rimmed eyes staring down at her. Maggie slowly and carefully reached over her shoulder and drew an arrow from the quiver on her back. She placed it in the bowstring and waited.

New folks would be moving in. Would they want to burn her as the folks in Kentucky had been ready to do? ” “I was thinkin’ of the deer, Light. ” “She gave her life so that we could eat. If not us, the wolves would have had her so that they could eat. ” “I know. ” “Listen to me, chérie. ” “But I wasn’t. ” “We will face danger as we did today many more times. We should think about going back to St. ” Light spoke the words softly and held his breath while he waited for her answer. It was a long time coming.

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