Aerosmith - Big Ones: Transcribed Scores by Aerosmith

, babe,- now, additional lyrics I got-ta be - (Left channel) mf it With slisht distortion Guitar 2 (Right channel) ^f Witn distortion Substitute Fi1l 2 onVerses2 & 3 (Guitar like a chiid with a light in ked on a cold- l1 Guitar 3 (Acoustic) @ 1992, 1994 EMI APRII MUSIC lNC. ond HEAVY MELON MUSIC All rights controlled ond odministered by EMI APRIL MUSIC lNC. All Rights ReservEd win have- 62 With distortion To Codal Like a ham-merthat hasmade a dent- in sin - gle you spent. Letring- -----) 63 Chorus 64 Yeah.

And there's a canopy ofgreed Holding me down. 4. AII my friends patronize me and They say yo, hey boy, have you found What you're looking for? It seems they don't really know Me, 'cause it's here and it's what They can't see... - coal @ 1992, 1994 EMI APRII MUSIC lNC. ond HEAVY MEI-ON MUSIC All righb controlled ond odminislered by EMI APRIL MUSIC lt{C. - God you Lrit' it. poco a poco 37 FasterJ = 82 Guitar 3 (Left channel) 'B\-J fF-\-/ with slight distortion Guitar 2 (Right channel) With distortion With vocal ad lib 38 No Chord (F) Letring- 1.

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