Adicion metapsicologica a la teoria de los suenos by Freud Sigmund

By Freud Sigmund

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Feeling that they must persevere on an irrational course, just for the sake of others' opinion, is again an act of impotence. Specifically, the act is based on the assumption that it would be impossible to persuade others of the rationality of changing policy. The pessimistic assessment often who have managed to occurs despite the well-known examples of people 24 Irrationality Has Consequences change policy and become heroes, for example, President John F. S. Marines from Lebanon and in signing the "plant closing bill" (both actions he had repeatedly promised he would never take); President Charles DeGaulle in extricating France from Algeria; and in one of the most dramatic reversals in the twentieth century Japanese Emperor Hirohito's August 15, 1945, announcement that in order to avoid further bloodshed, "perhaps the total extinction of human civilization ...

And uncertainty does not provide a reason. , the election of a Republican or Democrat), the knowledge can provide us with a reason (rationale, rationalization) for action. Of course, requiring such reason-based decisions results in the type of irrationality just described, namely, the disjunction effect, which violates the principle of domination. only stock speculators or people in psychological experiments were it would be of little interest. But consider, for example, the proliferation of unnecessary medical tests in this If subject to the disjunction effect, then As critics have pointed out, many tests do not alter preferred The drug is to be recommended, or the operation is to be performed anyway.

Plato's answer is that the thirst must be the result of some part of the man's soul (psyche) that urges him on, whereas there must be some other part that inhibits it. The latter part because it involves long-term thinking about what is really most desirable must be his reasoning part or faculty. Plato did not just maintain that people can be in conflict between short- and long-term goals, that people may have impulses to do things that they believe they should not, and that they often can successfully inhibit these impulses.

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