Acme Novelty Library 4 by Chris Ware

By Chris Ware

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Villains of the sword-and-scorcery ilk are hulking, prehistoric hunters and fierce, tribal warriors. Clothe them in animal skins and ritualistic ornaments. " Bad guys are just more fun because they're so wicked and single-minded. They don't have to worry about being nice. Or playing fair. However, they can be quite charming, elegant, polite—even fastidious. And deadly. Why are we so fascinated with bad guys? Maybe because bad guys come from primitive, subconscious images of evil. The things that go bump in the night-rats, bats, snakes, lizards, wolves, and spiders.

This creates the feeling of movement, like a lion pouncing. It is visually powerful. You can use this technique whether your character is lunging empty-handed, with his fist, or with a weapon. Artist Frank McLaughlin draws some of the meanest-looking figures in the business. In fact, this is a picture of Frank himself before he's had his morning cup of coffee. LEANING INTO THE PUNCH OR KICK I t may seem natural to lean back to throw a kick. But to do so means you're throwing your energy away from the target.

So take it to the limit-be extreme. Horns, pointed ears, sharp teeth, scales, warts, and fur are all popular. As long as it doesn't make the drawing look cluttered, you can pile on as many of these kinds of features as you want. Design your creature's face to appear frightening at all times, regardless of expression. HAT WOULD A BOOK ABOUT COMIC BOOKS be without a chapter devoted to the gorgeous women who grace their pages? As any fan will tell you, these fabulous females are a large part of the allure of comic books.

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