Achieving the Millennium Development Goals by Mark McGillivray (eds.)

By Mark McGillivray (eds.)

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Inequality The FAO (2002) report graphs differing levels of malnutrition for three different distributions against average food consumption. 8 HIV/AIDS three scenarios for Africa: (a) adult HIV prevalence in Africa by three different scenarios; (b) number of adults living with HIV/AIDS in Africa Source: UNAIDS (2005). inequality, which is experienced in SSA, the region’s average food availability yields undernutrition of 23 per cent. But if the region were to have low inequality then, with the same level of food availability, undernutrition would be just 10 per cent.

Refer to children only (using anthropometric measurement). 13). The different estimates do not, in this case, give a similar picture. 6 Patterns and trends from FAO data: (a) prevalence of adult underweight, 2015; (b) share of adult underweight, 2015; (c) prevalence of adult underweight, 1990–2030; (d) number of adult underweight, 1990–2030 Haddad have as accounting for 15 per cent of children underweight by 2020, compared with Onis’s 3 per cent in 2015. While both have South Asia’s share as exceeding that of Africa, Smith and Haddad predict higher prevalence in South Asia than Africa, but Onis the reverse.

The chapter differs from previous studies of links between wellbeing variables and investigations of aid effectiveness by analysing data for different population subgroups in each country, thus avoiding a number of drawbacks of using national-level data. Among the chapter’s findings is that child mortality is the central variable, where decreases lead to the largest beneficial changes in the other MDG or MDG-similar variables under consideration. It is also the variable on which aid has the largest quantitative impact.

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