A State of Disobedience by Tom Kratman

By Tom Kratman

It's Time to recollect the Alamo in all places Again-Here Comes the Second Texan Revolution!
In the lengthy battle opposed to terrorism, the U.S. executive had taken on outstanding powers. And now that the battle was once gained, robust forces within the executive had no purpose of relinquishing these powers. As in 1860, the rustic was once at the verge of civil struggle. And as in 1860, a pace-setter arose to avoid wasting the country-but it used to be now not the President this time. as a substitute, the Governor of Texas was once the lady of future. . . .

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PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA For Dorothy Nicholl, and in memory of Donald, with love and with gratitude Arabic Words and Phrases abayya a robe worn over a long skirt or loose trousers and shirt afreet a demon or troublesome imp agahl a heavy ropelike wrap that holds the kuffiyah on the head aleikum es-salaam a greeting (response to salaam aleikum) bakshish a payment, tip, bribe, or donation burkah a concealing woman’s garment effendi an honorary address fellah/fellahin peasant, countryman firengi a foreigner, a “Frank” Ghor the low-lying Jordan River valley imam Muslim religious leader insh’allah a saying: if it is God’s will kuffiyah a loose headcloth laban a drink of sour milk or diluted yogurt maalesh a saying: oh, well… muezzin the man who calls the faithful to prayer from a mosque mukhtar headman of a village mullah a Muslim religious leader narghile a water pipe saj curved sheet of steel used to cook flat bread over a fire salaam aleikum a greeting: peace be with you sitt Mrs, Madam souk or suq bazaar wadi water-cut valley, often dry but for sudden floods wallah!

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