A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker

By Kristin Walker

While the valuable declares that each senior needs to perform a compulsory year-long Marriage schooling software, Fiona Sheehan believes that her lifestyles can?t get any worse. Then she marries her ?husband?: jerky jock Todd, whose cheerleader female friend, Amanda, has had it in for Fiona for the reason that day one in every of moment grade. Even worse? Amanda is paired with Fiona?s long term weigh down, Gabe. at the least Fiona is doing greater than her ally, Marcie, who's paired up with the very quiet, very mysterious Johnny Mercer. Pranks, fights, misunderstandings, and reconciliations take place in a nearly Shakespearean comedy of error approximately unsuitable first impressions, convoluted coupling, and hidden crushes.

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Where was the part where she yells at him and he gets in trouble? “Well, Maggie,” he cooed, “I noticed that some of my classmates were a bit . . well, uptight about the marriage education course. ” Hold the phone. What was Todd up to? I sat up higher in my cushioned chair and watched him. “Todd, I understand your desire to help your fellow students,” Maggie Klein said, reaching over to adjust a vase of daisies on her pristine desk. “And although your motives may be honorable, you must understand that your actions were disturbing.

Quiet down,” but no one really did. Todd marched down the risers with the doll on his arm and paraded it up the aisle as everyone cheered. I stood alone on the stage. Well, me and the principal, who shuffled me to the edge and shooed me off. Evidently, she had become quite skilled at pretending not to notice things. I toddled down the risers and stood frozen at the bottom. Everyone was chanting louder than ever. And laughing. And pointing. At me. I had no idea what to do or where to go. Suddenly, I saw Marcie striding toward me.

Looked more like the side effects of severe constipation. “No,” I said, “you don’t make yourself clear. Nothing 46 Kristin Walker you’ve said makes any freaking sense at all. How is it that this jerk-face can humiliate me in front of the whole entire student body, and you don’t bat an eye? But if I say the word hell in your office, then you get mad? ” Maggie Klein blinked a few times and said, “Humiliate you? ” Todd leaned over the arm of his chair. “Yes, Fiona. Why on earth would you think that was about you?

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