A Manual of reactor laboratory experiments by D. A. Daavettila, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Atomic

By D. A. Daavettila, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

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H i g h - f l u x trips o c c u r in safety channels 2 o r 3; c. a h i g h - f l u x trip o c c u r s in channel 1 a c c o m p a n i e d by a h i g h l e v e l trip in the c o u n t i n g - r a t e c i r c u i t (this feature p e r m i t s use of the No. 1 safety channel with the B r o w n chart r e c o r d e r near f u l l - s c a l e l e v e l without attendant r i s k of an unintentional trip); d. a trip o c c u r s in the p e r i o d c i r c u i t , i . e . 23 e. any one of f i v e manual s c r a m buttons is d e p r e s s e d ; s c r a m buttons a r e l o c a t e d at either side of the f r o n t c o n t r o l c o n s o l e , in the pit n e a r the dump v a l v e , on a lead through the r e a c t o r top, and next to the r e m o t e log l e v e l chart.

14 F i g . 7. F l o w D i a g r a m of the Water System C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S O F THE A R G O N A U T General Type: Training R e a c t o r Design P o w e r : 10 kW N o r m a l Operating P o w e r : ~100 W N o r m a l Operating Schedule: 8 h r / d a y , 5 days / w k P r i n c i p a l U s e s of R e a c t o r : Education and training N o r m a l F r e s h Loading: 1 slab: 2 slabs: 3 in. 84 x 0 . 0 9 8 - i n . 094 in. 002 in. 0 kg U 235 Stacked p a r a l l e l plates 17 6 x 3 x 24 in. a s s e m b l i e s in C o r e : 1 slab: 2 slabs: 3 in.

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