A Friendly Introduction to Mathematical Logic by Christopher C. Leary

By Christopher C. Leary

On the intersection of arithmetic, laptop technological know-how, and philosophy, mathematical good judgment examines the facility and barriers of formal mathematical pondering. during this enlargement of Leary's trouble-free 1st variation, readers with out earlier examine within the box are brought to the fundamentals of version thought, evidence idea, and computability concept. The textual content is designed for use both in an top department undergraduate school room, or for self research. Updating the first Edition's therapy of languages, constructions, and deductions, resulting in rigorous proofs of Gödel's First and moment Incompleteness Theorems, the extended 2d version contains a new creation to incompleteness via computability in addition to recommendations to chose workouts.

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1. Suppose that ∆ and Γ are sets of L-formulas. We will say that ∆ logically implies Γ and write ∆ |= Γ if for every L-structure A, if A |= ∆, then A |= Γ. 9. Logical Implication 37 This definition is a little bit tricky. It says that if ∆ is true in A, then Γ is true in A. Remember, for ∆ to be true in A, it must be the case that A |= ∆[s] for every assignment function s. See Exercise 4. If Γ = {γ} is a set consisting of a single formula, we will write ∆ |= γ rather than the official ∆ |= {γ}.

Prove they are not isomorphic. 6. 4 and let C be the set of all L-terms. Create an L-structure C by using this universe in such a way that the interpretation of a term t is not equal to t. 7. 4. Do so. Consider the LN T -formula S0 + S0 = SS0. Is this formula “true” (whatever that means) in your structure? Justify your answer. 7 Truth in a Structure It is at last time to tie together the syntax and the semantics. We have some formal rules about what constitutes a language, and we can identify the terms, formulas, and sentences of a language.

6. Look at the formula (∀y)(x = y) ∨ (∀x)(x < 0) . 22 Chapter 1. Structures and Languages If we denote this formula by φ(x) and t is the term S0, find φ(t). [Suggestion: The trick here is to see that there is a bit of a lie in the discussion of φ(t) in the text. 6 Structures Let us, by way of example, return to the language LN T of number theory. Recall that LN T is {0, S, +, ·, E, <}, where 0 is a constant symbol, S is a unary function symbol, +, ·, and E are binary function symbols, and < is a binary relation symbol.

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