50 Quick Facts About Game of Thrones by Wayne Wheelwright

By Wayne Wheelwright

Game of Thrones is the tv and written international phenomenon that has come from the brain of George R.R. Martin and his sequence of books, A track of Ice and fireplace. This booklet includes trivialities and lots of attention-grabbing evidence concerning the lands of Westeros and Essos. From tales in regards to the filming of the sequence, stories from at the back of the digital camera via to a bit extra historical past at the households and destinations within the online game of Thrones international. This e-book is a must-have for any fan of the stories of the Iron Throne. 

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The filming of Tyrion in his sky cell was filmed in the parking lot opposite the cast’s trailers, it looks over the spot where James Cameron built a replica of the Titaninc. Whilst Sean Bean was the first choice for the part of Eddard Stark, other actors were auditioned in case Sean Bean rejected the role. Peter Dinklage whilst talking with producers of Game of Thrones mentioned that his friend Lena Headey would be good in the role of Cersei Lannister. The actor that plays Jaime Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has public admitted to being a huge fan of the youtube video where Joffrey is slapped by Tyrion Lannister for ten whole minutes.

George R. R. Martin says that the actor that plays Joffrey, Jack Gleeson is a very nice young man and Martin sent him a letter saying “Congratulations on your marvellous performance, everyone hates you”. Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark was not allowed to read the Song of Ice and Fire novels as her mother felt the books were too grown up for a young girl. Williams is not alone in not having read the books as most of the cast have deliberately not read them so as not to know what the future holds for their characters so as not to let it affect their performance.

The final time we see the astrolabe it shows the animals that represent the major Westeros houses bowing to the Baratheon stag. The Laniister family are fond of the song The Rains of Castemere. The song is about the destruction of House Reyne by Tywin Lannister after House Reyne rebelled against Tywin’s father Tytos Lannister. The sigil of House Reyne was a lion like the Lannister’s but whilst the Lannister lion is gold the Reyne lion was red. Tyrion whistles the tune to the song on a few occasions and Bronn drunkenly sings it with some Lannister troops before the Battle of the Blackwater.

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