1000 best poker strategies and secrets by Susie Isaacs

By Susie Isaacs

Secrets and techniques and techniques from a back-to-back international sequence of Poker women championship winner.

summary: secrets and techniques and methods from a back-to-back global sequence of Poker girls championship winner

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He may call to see the flop. You should bet the flop no matter what it is. If the flop didn’t hit his hand, he will be gone and you will have the satisfaction not only of winning the pot, but also of punching the bully. 41. If you play in brick-and-mortar poker rooms you eventually will encounter a play called a live straddle. This happens when a player under the gun puts in a raise before the cards are dealt. Usually a player who will make this bet wants a lot of action, feels invincible, is trying to intimidate everyone, or is intoxicated.

GLOSSARY 21 Two-Outer: When only two cards in the deck can make your hand the winner. Not a good bet. Under the Gun: The first person to act before the flop in flop games. Underpair: A small pair to the board. Example: If the flop is K-7-3 and you have an A-3, you have an underpair. See overpair. Wheel: 5, 4, 3, 2, A. A baby straight. Also known as a bicycle. Win Rate: The amount of money you can or should win in relation to the amount of money you invest. Wraparound Hand: A hand that can make a straight from either end.

Do you play for fun or profit? Do you keep records? Do you know whether you’re a winning or a losing player, overall? If you don’t know, you should. LIMIT TEXAS HOLD’EM 43 58. If you are in a rebuy tourney, decide before the event how many rebuys you will allow yourself and then play accordingly. Personally, I prefer a tournament with no rebuys; that way no one can have an advantage. 59. A poker tournament is a process of elimination. When a player loses all of his money, he leaves the table. The last soldiers left standing win the money.

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